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A few testimonials 

Hello Valerie,

I am writing to tell you how much my life has been transformed since you came into it.

I draw strength and grounding from my morning meditation every day. I alternate them, and they all resonate with me in a special way. Each day I tell myself that this is exactly what I needed to hear.

Visualizing my destination and my Life Purpose has helped me sort out my work life, and discover where and how I want to go.

I have learned to listen to my children and my husband beyond their words.

I have friends that I enjoy more than ever, despite the difficult current circumstances.

Life is showing me the way and I'm so grateful for that!

I started your book and I can't wait to get new inspiration from it. You're my "locomotive" actually...

Lots of love, Isabelle Oury

“Your 8-week coaching program literally transformed me. It came into my life at a time when everything seemed heavy, almost unbearable; the problems of everyday life were taking over so much that I had no punch, no more energy, no taste for anything; no doubt the lock-down reinforced my "problems".


Now I feel in remission from what could be described as depression. I feel in alignment with myself, I feel good the way I am, free from a huge burden and weight. I am full of life again, full of entrepreneurial spirit. I am back at work. My sons can't believe how much I have changed. They find me so positive and mission-oriented. This training is a precious gift everyone should offer to themselves. Thank you Valérie.” - Manuella Kleyens

“I didn't know what to expect when I embarked on Valerie's coaching program. A friend had just told me that she was an inspiring and radiant woman.


At the end of these 8 weeks of coaching, I think I understood who Valerie is... she's a Fairy!

A fairy who has been on my shoulder to restructure things I was trying to set up by myself without enough perseverance or regularity, a fairy who helps me to believe in myself, to be positive at all times, a fairy who doesn't want good excuses!

But also a fairy with such a vast knowledge that she showed me that I was perhaps eating a little too much sugar, that I hadn't moved my body enough for a few months, etc.

Above all, she is a fairy who showed me how to reconnect with my intuition and my potential daily.


The fairy Valérie transmits with humility and authenticity all that she is, all that she vibrates, and it is undoubtedly there that her magic wand is because it is what has gently and profoundly transformed me during the 8 weeks. Thank you, Valerie” - Séverine Van Herzeele



What a great gift I gave myself! Taking the time for introspection just for yourself, writing your dreams with mindfulness, is powerful. This coaching program gives us the tools to implement the changes we wish to see in our lives. I am now in control of my life and responsible for my needs. What a joy to connect to my dreams with drive, perseverance, and kindness towards myself.

Through the program, I have seen things improve in my life, and my dreams come true, little by little, in areas I thought were determined by my external circumstances. The new energy I gained from the program was just what I needed. Thank you, Valerie, for allowing me to experience this! - Virginie Belleflamme


Valérie, I am writing because I feel the urgency to express my gratitude for your Masterclass.

My physiotherapist and even my sons find that I have changed for the better.

I have seen psychologists, psychiatrists, sophrologists, hypnotists, and I admit I wasn’t the most assiduous student initially, but you have brought profound changes in my life, and they continue to make me grow and expand. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this new awareness. I take real pleasure listening to your meditations, and I feel I need them more than ever! – Manu


“Thank you, Valérie. I am so grateful I met you and so thankful for your training program. It's a lifetime gift! When I signed up, I was physically and mentally worried, anxious, stressed. I could not look forward to the future with serenity. I had limiting beliefs that were preventing me from imagining and creating. Very quickly, I felt that you were opening the road to another life. I became aware that I could change my physical and emotional well-being.


Today, I have dreams, and I want to move forward and believe in the beauty of life. Every day, I follow your advice, and I take the time to think deeply, meditate, and change a habit or an attitude.


Your program is very inspiring and thorough. You share years of research and discoveries with us—what a richness. Thank you for your attention, compassion, sharing, and constant encouragement. Thank you for giving me the means I needed to change today and tomorrow. Thank you for all the precious documents, advice, videos; they are real treasures.

What a gift of life to have met you. Thank you for this new path that you have opened to me, it's wonderful! I already feel the changes, and my family and friends see and feel them.

THANK YOU – Françoise


By the time I signed up for Valérie's program, I had already done an enormous amount of work on myself, trying to heal the painful events of my past. Despite this work with specialists, I couldn't find the right process that worked for me. I needed a method to discover MYSELF, to feel the joy of getting up in the morning with beautiful energy.


At the first session with Valérie, I was convinced that I had made the right choice.

I realized that I had the tools I needed to achieve my dreams, and Valérie was there to teach me how to use them. This feeling of well-being penetrated me. I felt the soothing satisfaction of a beautiful day according to my desires while respecting my limits. 


Today I am rediscovering the pleasure of simple things, making my home welcoming, cooking for my family... These days are victories. I feel alive again!


And if taking on new habits is not always comfortable, the only thing I risk… is to find happiness! - Véronique



I have been developing my cognitive, sportive, and athletic abilities since I was very young. It took me 50 years to discover the power of the mind, how it works, and continually evolves. Without you, Valerie, I might have reached the end of my life without realizing it.


The power of the subconscious mind,

The power of meditation,

The power of mindfulness

The power of forgiveness,

The power of intuition, and so on.

so many wonders and tools that I discovered during these eight weeks.


I now feel like a tree coming to life again, with many new shoots and cuttings, and endless possibilities for growth and expansion.


No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place: I didn't stumble upon your inspiring video by chance, and the timing was right: I was ready to start something new in my life.


Thank you for this beautiful GIFT!


I regret that this voyage is coming to an end, and I wish it would continue.


Hopefully, I will be able to make some more trips with you! Warmly, Anne-Françoise

Before I started the coaching program, and even though my life was delightful, joyful, and full of love, I had no idea that it would have such a powerful impact on my daily life. Valerie's coaching focuses on YOU; she reminds you of who you are and shows you how it affects your mind, personality, and authentic self! She has allowed me to focus on myself and what matters to me. I now understand that I have the power to create the life of my dreams. I feel like I'm moving forward with strength and new energy, which makes me feel good. When the coaching ended, I felt a little sad because you become dependent on the positive energy vibration that coaching brings you. But then I realized that being part of this new community is not just for eight weeks; it's for a lifetime! So, enjoy this journey of self-discovery and let yourself be surprised by who you are! With all my gratitude, Véronique.

Wow! What a great coaching program! It fills me with joy; I see changes, my husband and my children too; I feel lighter and in control of my days. Everything lights up week after week. Thank you for being on my way. Thank you for everything you bring me. You are an inspiring and energizing person. It's a real pleasure every Tuesday, and the fruit I taste with enthusiasm and joy is delicious. Your program is so great, and you are just great. Thank you, thank you, thank you - Virginie

Valerie, I am so glad I embarked on this journey with you. You are my role model; you don't "teach" your knowledge and experience; you share it. It can be felt and seen. Your face reflects happiness. Thank you - Jacqueline

I wanted and needed to share my emotional state with you at the end of my coaching! And here is what comes out of it: re-born; re-start; re-define; re-draw; etc.

This individual and collective journey allowed me to touch my existence and redefine it! Thank you for this beautiful journey within me!
It gave me the ability to contemplate my life, take perspective, and look at it from all angles. My goodness! How beautiful it is!
It allowed me to readjust and confirm my choices but also to take another path if necessary. To see the BIG picture of my life and to dream BIG!
It made me feel the life force within me, and I now feel more confident in myself and life opportunities. Savouring the here and now feels so good!
It allowed me to say "thank you" for all the things that happen in my life, the little ones, and the big ones! 
Finally, it gave me the tools to forgive myself and leave what doesn't suit me anymore, without regret, and embrace what makes me LIVE! Thus, to be born again every day.

One thousand times "Thank you" Valerie! It is a beautiful gift received and shared that comes alive again and again! Bénédicte

This coaching program has helped me ask myself the right questions and it gave me the guideline to move forward step by step and attract what feeds me and aligns with myself. It gave me the tools to be the creator of my life. It helped me put words, and a structure on things I was living, feeling, and experiencing. It boosted me and gave me self-confidence. It allowed me to install new habits. I am more conscious when I have negative thoughts that come up, and I use one or the other tool almost instantly. I often smile at myself. The program is very dense, exciting, and I use it every day. The result is an opening of the field of possibilities. You came up with this proposal at the right time in my life. I often quote you as one of my "life guides" or "mentors", who has allowed me to be the person I am today and has helped me remain strong in the trials and challenges I have had to go through this year. THANK YOU THANK YOU - Anne-Sophie Anciaux

Thanks to this course, I have become aware that I am responsible for my happiness and that I have a multitude of tools at my disposal to find this happiness within me gradually.


Today, I wish more than anything else to become the best version of myself. I feel like I have a lot of work to do, but I want to do these things, whereas before taking this course, I didn't want to do anything anymore.

Today, I think I've clearly started to make a change, and I can't go back. I feel lighter, curious, and like a child who can't wait. I am discovering the previously unsuspected world of personal development, and I don't understand how I could have missed out before. I am much more in the letting go, I have gained self-confidence, and I am moving towards more fulfillment.

When people ask me what this course has brought me, I think first of all about how it has taught me to recognize the power of emotions amid a crisis, understand how my mind works, and it has given me the tools to grasp these emotions better. "I am in control of my thoughts and emotions," this sentence is now engraved in me.

I found resources to help me get through my new life. I also felt that I was stronger than before.

During the program, one thing came back; it was the activity I had started to put in place from the first class! Little by little, I wanted to do this thing again, more than the others, and I realized that it was doing me good. It was taking me away and preventing me from thinking about my wounds.  So without knowing it, I experienced the power of having found a path that you love. When this activity is over, I feel happiness and pride. Every day, I want to get back into it and move forward.

Finally, the program has fulfilled its contract: I want to do things again!

And considering where I come from and what I've just gone through, I think it's a miracle.

Even better: during the 8th and last session, when I was rewriting my raison d'être, not only did I realize that I had found the perfect balance between my passions, talents, values, and life opportunities, but I also realized with amazement that my obsessive dream of having a child was not at all at the center of these parameters and that from then on, it could not be my raison d'être nor the only one responsible for my happiness. It is a real revelation for me and, I think, the beginning of true healing.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Valerie, for the support you have given me during these difficult weeks in my life, for these precious teachings, and for all the heart you put into this coaching activity. I also thank all the participants, who, by their smile, commitment, or perhaps merely by their positive energy, have made me want to smile again in difficult times. And I also thank life for putting you on my path.

This course has created a massive click in me! I first experienced in November 2019 a moment of "blackout," as I call it (1/2h of disconnection of my body to be unable to do anything, nothing could move). I quickly tried to find resources to avoid taking medication. I forbade myself a work stoppage, despite exhaustion, perpetual bad moods, muscular tension, etc. ! I tried readings, hypnosis, EMDR care, ... but it was difficult to see any change in me.  


The view of your video presentation on FB happened one Sunday lunchtime just after I came back from a walk alone. And there was already something telling me that I had to do it (even though I'm not one of those people who are very easy to sign up for group classes, but my usual "fear" had just gone).

Those eight weeks went by too quickly. As with other methods, I was afraid that I would run out of breath and not be able to find my way halfway through. I was hooked from the beginning; a great enthusiasm overwhelmed me at each class and the rest of the week to apply the exercises. A feeling of happiness to take a class like I hadn't had since my studies (which I loved too). I quickly understood that I was the only one responsible for MY LIFE and that I shouldn't try to change others to make me better!

As the eight weeks went by (even already after two weeks), I became calmer, more peaceful, more organized (even doing more things than before), and above all, more attentive to myself! I react better when faced with a negative event, a mistake, or a constraint. I am more positive, and I don't react on the spot under impulse anymore! I feel more self-esteem, more self-confidence, more confidence in life, more letting go, more freedom, peace of mind, and more fulfillment. People look at me with a smile because I am "smiling" now! I have the impression that my transformation is changing others naturally. I feel freer to express myself at work with my own opinion. 

My family notices this change, and we all feel calmer; there is less unnecessary tension at home!

So, how can I thank you for your passage on my life's path?

Nothing happens by chance, and I am convinced of that now. We create our encounters, our emotions, our choices, our transformations.

Valérie, you teach us this personal development with so much experience, simplicity, conviction, energy, and the desire to share your discoveries with us. And your good humor and smile were always more contagious from week to week, it could be seen on everyone's face. Eight weeks where we become aware of our small personal changes in our daily life, where we put in place small things very simply, which do us so much good (gratitude, meditation, ...). Projects that come true little by little and a family life that softens naturally! Of course, we do not live in a world of "teddy bears," but we discover that we progress much better by transforming our difficulties into opportunities. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of life with us. Murielle

I thank you, Valérie, for your generosity, for your optimism, and for making me realize that I am great the way I am, that I am enough, and that each of us is full of resources and inner "beauty". I have found more serenity and letting go. More acceptance of what is. I know myself better, I know what drives me, I have a lot of new possibilities that I will explore because I feel more confident. I know I'm where I belong, I've found my place! Laurence Raucq