• Valerie


Breathe, Mother Earth

Breathe and let your flowers blossom

But do it at your own rhythm

Take your time to heal and to rest

There is no urgency

It’s our time now to send you love and respect

To connect more than ever

To celebrate your beauty

And do it with all our communities

You’ve sent us a powerful message

A message that touched our heart and our soul

We’ve slowed down

We’ve come to understand the real values

We’ve learned the magic of being together again

And the power of little things

We’ve learned to know ourselves better

And to tap into our infinite wisdom

We’ve given our lives a new meaning

We’ve expressed our gratitude for being healthy

We’ve forgiven ourselves and our loved ones

Because we trust and its healing force

We’ve cried a lot and we’ve healed from our wounds

We’ve changed our words and our behaviors

We’ve made ourselves a promise: never again!

I wish we could say this is all over and we are born anew

Now it’s time to plant new seeds: seeds of kindness

Seeds of compassion and respect

Seeds of joy and resilience…

Because summer is nearby

And we shall all reap the wisest harvest ever

Together and forever reunited

In a rainbow of happiness, laughter and peace of mind

You have never abandoned us

Now it’s our time to be with you, always

And to never forsake you again!

© Photo Christian Delvaux

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