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Visualizing your perfect day is another way of embracing life from early morning. You can do it from the moment you wake up to the second you close your eyes, and pretend you have total control of it: visualize your morning meditation practice, your fitness or yoga practice, your daily walk or run…

Imagine the great smoothie you’re preparing and savoring for breakfast, the kiss or hug you give your children and partner when they leave home, the music or podcast you listen to when you commute to work, the interesting tasks you are involved in and the constructive meetings you have with your colleagues…

You might just want to imagine being with your kids, spending wonderful time with them, working a little bit from home, reading inspiring books, following life-changing online seminars... whatever speaks to you.

Imagine how, where and with whom you would spend your lunchtime and dinner time, then how you would spend your ideal evening... Get as specific as you can, see it, taste it, smell it, feel what you’re doing with your time until it imprints all your cells and tissues…

Doing this on a daily basis may be hard at first, even confusing at times. You might want to give up because you can’t see the changes soon enough. All changes are hard at first, if not they wouldn’t be of great value and everybody would have already done them!

But if you stick to this practice, minimum 3 months, you’ll start enjoying it and seeing the benefits, and as soon as it becomes second nature, you won’t be able to live without it.

It’s said that the way you start your day is how you live your day! A great life is not having a great goal and messing your days until you reach it! It’s living to the best you can every single day, growing toward your goal on a day-to-day basis and enjoying the path while making baby steps.

Every morning, give yourself some time to integrate the visualization technique. Consider this time for yourself a sacred time, as sacred as you, as sacred as your life.

And feed your mind, your heart and your soul with positive thoughts, words, images and emotions that bring you joy and peace of mind. It will create a blueprint in your subconscious mind of the great person you want to become and the great things you want to accomplish!

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