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Creating new communities is similar to planting a vegetable garden. It needs to be planned, nurtured, taken care of, loved and respected. Continuous attention is important if we want to make it sustainable. Just like the garden, our interests and connections evolve, adapt, grow… because movement is the very root of life.

We all know that big crises lead to transformation. and that deep inside, we are all longing for more connection and more humanity.

William Janes said “We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”

We all want to love and be loved, to feel free, happy, healthy and in peace. We haven’t been able to reach it to the full because we’ve all been wounded and conditioned by the different belief systems of our cultures and families.

Discovering how we can overcome these ever-recurring difficulties, and taking baby steps, one day at a time, participating the best we can, from where we are and with what we have, is a first act of bravery in this great turning of humanity.

We have now the most advanced technology, science, knowledge and connection than we have ever had. People like you and me have the power to learn, to study, to teach, to write and publish, to broadcast… and to use all that is at our disposal to create something magnificent in practical life.

There are new communities emerging locally and globally all over the world, and this new birth in health, agriculture, economy, science, technology, self-education, … is showing the path to a better humanity.

We know where our system is breaking down; let’s connect to discover what is working! In his book “Project Heaven on Earth”, Martin Rutte shows us we can all start turning our dream of a better world into reality, fulfilling our purpose in life.

It’s high time we transcend our fears and limiting beliefs, to create a new world, what Martin Rutte calls “The new story of what it means to be human and what it means to be humanity”. Because it’s our humanness that connects us, and connection is energetic and vibrational! http://projectheavenonearth.com/project-heaven-on-earth-the-book/

(to be continued...)

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