• Valerie


Receiving your daily D.O.S.E. is essential to feel connected.

D. stands for Dopamine, which is released when you’re passionate about doing something and feeling the progress, like working on your life’s purpose for minimum 30 minutes every day or working on a project you enjoy.

O. stands for Oxytocin, which is the love hormone. Give a big kiss, a hug or a nice touch to the people who live with you, every day. If you are alone, give your dog, yourself or a tree a big hug!

S. stands for Seratonin, which is the calming and happy neurotransmitter so always start your day with a calming activity: meditation, a quiet walk on your own, some reading or journaling time where you express your gratitude,…

E. stands for Endorphins, which energizes you through your physical workout. Build up your own routine, test it, adapt it and when it suits you, stick to it. It’s what you do every day with consistency that leads to astounding results.

Feeling connected to yourself, i.e. to your body, your mind, your heart and your soul, is as essential as feeling connected to others and to Nature. Make sure what you do every day gives you your daily positive dose!

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