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Many studies have shown that a lack of connection is as dangerous for our health as alcohol or obesity.

My purpose with this blog is to share stories of true belonging, real communities, unity, generosity, sharing and caring, all very deep to my heart. Because I believe in focusing on the solutions rather than the problems.

Throughout the coronavirus period of time, many people have shared stories that shine a light on the good that can come out of the darkest times. Many initiatives are born all over the world to support vulnerable people and encourage a positive attitude.

In my village, 4 students and friends have created an online platform to deliver food to people who are afraid or unable to leave home, at the same time helping the local restaurants to survive.

Not far from my house, a shop providing local and organic food is offering a website to take all the orders from their customers and bring their deliveries straight into their cars. Other customers can buy produce from local small farmers who would usually be supplying restaurants.

Every day at 8 pm, people all over the country are welcome to go out and applaud all the brave men and women (doctors, nurses, but also all the people working in the active sectors during the containment) and thank them for their commitment!

In Italy where my sister lives, people get out of their balcony every day and listen to their neighbors singing or playing an instrument on the terrace. She also hears “Ciao Bella” every morning when she wakes up and opens her windows.

Many of us still have weekly “aperitif time” with our friends via a platform where we can all connect, see, talk, laugh, share and care! A friend of ours has ignited a game party where people are challenged to answer different quizzes and they do it live.

The power of singing is very strong all over the world. So many artists have created songs of hope and broadcasted them all over their countries. Even our young generation has become more and more creative and has invented dances, plays, songs… and shared them on their favorite social network.

Dancing is another powerful tool to connect. My yolates teacher Mikkala Marylin Kissi is offering a 75-minute daily session to all her members during the containment period and has opened each Friday to all our friends, for free.

In many places, people have put their Christmas lights or candles all over their house to add a sense of hope and sparkle the streets or their village.

Humanitarian organizations like Sinchi are directing their donations straight to populations touched by the pandemic, like the peoples from the Amazonia.

So many new initiatives have been born out of the darkness. This shows the creative power of humanity. If we can change one little thing, we can all change the world!

(to be continued...)

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