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Connecting to MOTHER EARTH

We are in a period of transition and everyone can contribute, at their own pace and rhythm, to another dream.

Connecting to the Earth, letting go of our fears and worries, living the present moment with mindfulness, allowing our emotions to express themselves, tapping into our intuition and creative power, feeling happy with simple things and moments... all these small gestures can lead to big changes.

We have within us the freedom to choose, and by connecting to Nature and our true Self, we can discover something joyful, which makes us vibrate and makes life even more beautiful.

Earth was created to give us everything we need. Abundance is everywhere in Nature, but it is often a lack of awareness and distribution that is the cause of today's poverty. Learning to reconnect with the Earth through baby steps that are within everyone's reach, such as walking in nature, taking deep breaths and doing some stretching in the forest, gardening at home or in a community project (even in the city!)... help us to find our little inner voice.

Reconnecting to my Self, to the Earth and to Others has been at the center of my journey since my one-year trip through South America 25 years ago, where I felt a very close connection with the indigenous populations. Their values and simple way of life, their community life and their respect for the Earth (Pachamama) continue to inspire me on a daily basis.

© Photo Christian Delvaux

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