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In those scary times, feeling fear is totally human. When the COVID-19 pushed me to stop my activities (I was coaching clients at home on how to cook healthier meals for themselves and their families), I could have fallen into panic and fear, but I decided to adopt a new mindset to this unprecedented situation.

Before giving you a list of all the tips I have implemented to deal with fear (see part 3), let us first understand how the mind works when dealing with fear.

The thinking and imagery that happen in our mind create our feelings and emotions, which in turn trigger certain reactions and lead to particular results. In other words, our inside world makes our outside world. So the moment we decide to change our thoughts and make things differently, our results will start to change as well. If we busy our mind with constant fear, we will not go forward in life; but if we fill our mind with love, faith and confidence, we shall seize new opportunities, take actions and get results!

Always keep in mind that it’s your thoughts that make up your world and you have the power to change them at any time!

As a gardener for more than 20 years, I like comparing the mind to a garden. If I plant seeds of broccoli, the fruits I shall reap are broccoli, not beetroot or leek. Well, if I plant seeds (or thoughts) of fear in my mind from early morning until the end of the day, I shall also reap fear. My mind is like the soil which grows all kinds of seeds, whether they are energy-draining or life-enhancing.

We have all experienced wounding ourselves and others by thoughts of fear. But we were not born with these negative emotions. Even if, as human beings, we’re hard-wired to look for danger, we can decide to change our mindset, to attract what we want and let go of what we don’t want.

As soon as we become aware of that, we can decide to gradually wipe fear out and feed our mind with thoughts of love and friendship, compassion and empathy, cooperation and connection, confidence and trust, grace and wisdom, forgiveness and gratitude… Because positive and negative emotions just cannot coexist. You can’t experience fear and love at the same time! The more we practice feeding ourselves with new thoughts and images, the faster our negative patterns will be washed away and this will give birth to a new person!

(to be continued...)

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