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"Valerie, your coaching is really inspiring and you give it with so much enthusiasm! It has changed the way I see life and the way I will live from now on. I’m very grateful for this opportunity to follow your course. You are one of the few real persons we meet in life. When I say “real”, I mean you’re not a “teacher” only, but an authentic person giving a lot with so much empathy. It makes you stronger and it’s rare. I met a great and smart professor in the US, whose goal was to light the candles around him so they can enlighten others in an infinite way. The image of this person sharing with so much generosity reminds me of you!" 

Nadia Withofs


Before the coaching program with Valérie, I was less happy, less joyful, busy in my daily routine. I was doing everything right but I was not feeling right. My journey with Valérie permeated me day and night and I found peace. Everything was already there, inside me! Valérie taught me how to reconnect to my Force, my true potential. Thanks to her words, her readings, her meditations, and the videos she sent me, she gave me all the keys I needed to expand my awareness and my consciousness, to think differently, to find back the optimistic woman I am. She guided me on how to replace my doubts, fears, and anxiety by self-esteem, confidence, and joy. I found the inspiration and the willingness to make my dreams come true! I used to say "We are here on earth to be happy" and now, this has become so meaningful to me! Thank you!

Catherine Monami

caroline 2.png

« Thank you Valerie! You’ve been a fantastic mentor throughout these 8 coaching sessions: the quality of your teaching, your caring humanity, and your enthusiastic desire to share your knowledge and discoveries have had an unprecedented impact on my life journey. Before joining the program, I was deeply questioning myself on the meaning I wanted to give to my life. I was feeling trapped in my wounds, my doubts, and my beliefs. As you do it so well with the plants of your garden, you’ve been a tutor, a guide for me. You gave me powerful tools to access my true potential and to tap into my true self in an awesome way, a way I had never imagined. Thanks to your coaching, I learn something new about myself every single day and I find out the mindful choices that move me forward towards my deepest desires and purpose.

From the bottom of my heart and forever, thank you!

Caroline Herck


« Valerie. You are a huge inspiration and touched my life far more than I ever expected. I really had no idea what I was stepping into with you and had little knowledge of your background other than what you told me in Mexico. There are many teachers in the world, we all have experienced both good and bad teachers starting in our childhood. I have a small handful of cherished memories of the great ones that impacted and influenced me over the past 60 years and Valerie, you are one of those cherished few. For the past 35 years I have coached competitive alpine ski racers of all ages and all levels. You have that special gift and your drive to bring it forward to the world is powerful and you do it from the heart which is rare and beautiful”

Lili Winslow


Valerie is one of the most interesting and inspirational persons that I’ve ever met. She is a fantastic coach, very willing to share her extent knowledge.
Following her course feels so right... the start of a great, exciting adventure...
Anyone eager to truly and deeply reflect about life should register to her program! Participating will feel like the greatest gift you can give yourself! 

Anne-Lore Dewulf


"Discovering and caring for our source and what makes us vibrate, nourishing our inner flame, and becoming aware that it is all possible!  With kindness, energy, and conviction, Valerie takes us beyond our beliefs and prejudices and helps us find out all the potential that lies within us! »

Fabienne Schyns


"THANK YOU Valerie for giving us your teaching with so much authenticity, enthusiasm and kindness. J. JAURES wrote "We do not teach what we know. We do not teach what we want. We teach who we are”.

Carole Macors


«Thank you for this gift of life that will help shape the rest of my life. Obviously, you do not come out of such an experience unchanged.  It shakes you up, your previously unshakeable landmarks suddenly waver.  This process has allowed me to refocus on myself, to take care of my body and my health.  Being attentive to my well-being is now a priority! Valerie, your speech feeds me intellectually, emotionally, spiritually. I finally took the time to take time, time for myself.  I'm sure that it will have a huge impact on my relationships, whether private or professional.  I now see my future in a different way and I have other purposes and desires.  Even the scrapes or wounds of the past now seem easier to accept. My mind is full of ideas and projects. This path we have travelled together has been a revelation for me, a gift that it is now up to me to bring to light.  Everyone should one day meet their Valerie, a guide who allows each individual to know themselves better, to live who they really are and to pass on the best to others. Thank you for this sharing, for this journey, for this love. I now see my life with different eyes! With all my love and gratitude "

Séverine Dupont

unnamed (2).jpg

I am delighted I have followed the coaching program that you have consciously designed for all of us. You guide us and encourage us to ask ourselves the right questions. Thanks to all the practical tools you gave us, I now find it much easier to identify my purposes with a new perspective and to see how I can achieve them. Your personal coaching allows us to go deep into all areas of our lives, to integrate and implement the changes we need in a profound and sustainable way. Everybody can find his or her own rhythm and path. I also enjoyed the group energy which adds something invaluable! This experience was extremely rich and I was always looking forward to meeting again in our weekly masterclass. Thank you, Valerie. 

Catherine Nowé